Andras House Hotel Group
Green Regulatory Compliance & Credentials


As the requirement for environmentally responsible Business Events and Accommodation continues to rise for buyers and event planners when deciding on a location, so too does the commitment of the Andras House Group of Hotels who constantly strive to improve our sustainable business practices. 


Recognising the dangers of climate change, the Andras House Hotel Group is committed to reducing carbon emissions, recycling used goods and conserving energy. In order to minimise our environmental impact, we have reduced our carbon footprint, saved energy, reduced costs and comply with any local environmental regulations.


Areas of Specific Focus:


Water management:

  • Introduced the use of dual-flush toilets;
  • Introduced water efficient taps and shower heads;
  • Optional towel and linen washing service for guests;
  • Installation of waterless urinals in new-build properties.


Waste Management:

  • Encourage paper reduction procedures by communicating electronically wherever possible;
  • Implementation of a recycling programme for paper, glass, plastic and printer cartridges;
  • Source food and / manufacturers locally;
  • We ensure that all waste is collected by an accredited recycling organisation instead of sending to landfill.


Energy Management:

  • Actively switch off computers, lights, and air conditioning when not in use;
  • Installation of low energy and ultra-low energy lighting in public and service areas;
  • Installation of boiler flow / temperature regulation apparatus;
  • Sensor activated lights throughout all areas.


Environmental Program Participation:

  • Active members of Wyndham Green;
  • Work closely with the Carbon Trust to achieve the objectives above;
  • Participate with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency with their Producer Responsibility Programme;


Implementation of Corporate Strategies:

  • Provide education and communicate to staff, guests, clients and visitors about our green initiatives and encourage them to participate;
  • Provide staff training / inductions to ensure they staff adhere to the environmentally friendly practices put in place;
  • Development of a Group Environmental Plan
  • Endeavour to use biodegradable products wherever possible.